Release: VMware Virtual Desktop Manager 2.0

Alessandro at already mentioned it in a nice summary so I quote:

Today VMware releases its much awaited VDI connection broker: Virtual Desktop Manager (VDM) 2.0

Despite the versioning this is the very first release of VDM that VMware makes available outside its Professional Services channel. This specific release is also interesting because is the first one which integrates technology acquired from Propero.

The product is in public beta since September 2007 and the RTM build (403) sports some interesting features:

  • Partially fault-tolerant architecture (user database synchronization between VDM servers)
  • DMZ-friendly architecture (front-end tier for incoming connection and back-end tier for Active Directory and VI3)
  • Integration with VirtualCenter
  • Win32 and web-based client (it integrates rdesktop on Linux and Microsoft RDP Client on Windows and Mac OS)
  • Web-based management interfaces
  • RDP tunneling over SSL
  • Support for HA solutions (NLB or clustering)
  • Support for persistent and non-persistent desktop pools
  • Support for RSA SecurID based authentication
  • Support for Microsoft Active Directory authentication
  • Support for client USB redirection

Download a trial here.

To add some extra info: Eric Sloof from NTPRO.NL gave a presentation about the installation and configuration of the Virtual Desktop Manager at the Dutch VMUG event last december. This presentation is available for download at the site of the Dutch VMware User Group:

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