Parallels Server Open beta launched

Source: SWsoft (Parallels) and The Official Parallels Virtualization Blog

SWsoft (soon to be renamed Parallels) today announced the release of the beta version of Parallels Server, the company’s hypervisor-powered server virtualization solution. Parallels Server is the first virtualization solution designed to run on Apple hardware, including Mac Pros and Xserves, and the first to run multiple copies of Mac OS X Server v10.5 Leopard on a single Apple computer. Parallels Server also runs on any x86 or 64-bit Windows or Linux-based server.

Parallels Server can be installed using the Parallels lightweight hypervisor, in which virtual machines run in tandem with a primary operating system, or "bare metal’, in which virtual machines run independently and are not dependent on a host operating system to function properly. At installation, users can choose to load Parallels Server in either the lightweight hypervisor mode or bare-metal mode. Parallels Server is the only virtualization product of any kind to afford users the flexibility to choose their implementation during installation.

Key Features in the Parallels Server beta include:

  • The ability to run any combination of more than 50 different x86 and x64 guest operating systems in secure, high-performing virtual machines, plus the option to run virtual machines in the headless mode via a "bare metal" hypervisor

  • Parallels Server’s industry-first capability to simultaneously run multiple copies of Mac OS X Server, Windows Server and Linux on the same Xserve

  • Running Parallels Server on Apple hardware gives users the industry-first option to run Mac OS X Server in a virtual machine

  • Remote control of the virtual machines via the Parallels Management Console

  • Support for up to 64Gb of RAM on the host computer

  • Full support for x64 primary and guest OSes, as well as 2-way SMP in virtual machines. The final release version will support up to 4-way SMP

  • Multi-user access to the same virtual machine

  • Support for ACPI (Advanced Configuration and Power Interface) in virtual machines

  • Completely open, fully scriptable APIs for customized management

  • Full support for Intel VT-x, and experimental support for Intel VT-d

A screenshot:


At The Official Parallels Virtualization Blog you can find more screenshots showing Parallels server running on an imac.

To all those people who want to virtualize their Leopard instance on non-apple hardware like HP/Dell/IBM etc. I unfortunately must temper their enthusiasm because there are some restrictions:

  • This is for Leopard SERVER only, not Leopard Client.
  • This is only permitted on real Apple hardware, per Apple’s EULA. You’re still not allowed to run OS X on non-Apple hardware.

    Beta Program Participation
    The company is accepting registrations for new beta testers. For details about participating in the beta program, go to

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