New version Technology Preview of VMware’s VI Toolkit

In a previous post I already announced a new version of the Technology Preview of VMware’s VI Toolkit (for Windows) would be available soon. Today I received an email confirming the release of the next version of the Technology preview of VMware’s VI Toolkit (for Windows). A snap from the email:cmdlets_vi-toolkit

You’re receiving this email because you expressed interest in VMware’s VI Toolkit (for Windows). We’re happy to announce that a new technology preview of the toolkit is out and available for download. This enhanced toolkit adds more than 20 new PowerShell commandlets, and introduces abilities to access the full power of the VMware Infrastructure API

Note that the toolkit’s build number has changed from 60853 to 68764, looks like a major upgrade which is not too suprisingly when looking at the 20 new cmdlets VMware’s Powershell team introduces with this new version. Look at the image for a overview of cmdlets delivered by this build of the VI Toolkit.

Keep track of the VI-powershell BLOG at VMware for more info.

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