VMware ESX3i available for download

Arne Fokkema from ICT-Freak and Gabrie van Zanten from Virtualgabe already mentioned it: VMware ESX3i is available for download at http://www.vmware.com/download/vi/.

It is an ISO-image with the installable for VMware ESX3i.

I already did a quick test with it to see what exactly was made available.

It’s an bootable image (linux installer) and when you try to run it on ESX3.5 you could get the following result(image):


And that’s exactly as far as you will get if you don’t want to wait till Christmas that is.

"Installable" looks a lot like "instable" when you give it a quick look, hopefully it will prove otherwise.

Also tried to install it on a physical workstation, with the bootable installabe on CD the process did run much better than in a VM on the ESX3.5 host. However when reaching the step of installing the software on the box, it came up with the message : "Unable to find a supported device to write the … image to" (see images)

Afb003 Afb004

As a real techie it was now time to read the manual, darn only DELL 2950 and HP DL380 G5 are supported/experimental with this version. Unfortunately I hadn’t lying one around so that was all for this experiment for now.

From here in the Netherlands I wish everyone a very happy Christmas and a happy new year!

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