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I stumbled upon the other day in a VMware Forum post and was pleasantly surprised. The site hosts the author’s “ESX3 vmreference card” document.

The document is a single source for all the most important ESX administration processes and best practices. It’s a lot of real world knowledge transfer crammed into two 8.5 x 11 pages. What grabbed my attention from the forum post was the following description:

“I see it’s general purpose is for a Sys Admin (like me) who can’t remember everything at 2am in the server room. However, it would probably be useful for anyone studying for their VCP or for Technical Architect types who need to know how much RAM a VM can be allocated.”

The cheat sheet includes everything from general host hardware requirements to specialized console commands for common administration tasks.

Whether you are an experienced virtual infrastructure admin or a newbie, I recommend keeping a copy of this reference card handy. Personally, I am planning on having a copy laminated so I can carry it with me in my bag. It would also make a great poster on a cube wall or the side of data center rack.

Check for the latest version at the link above or grab a copy of Version 0.9 here.

Source: treesum VM /ETC

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