SCVMM R2 BETA ships 45 days after Viridian

There has been assorted posts now that SCVMM R2 (aka SCVMM vNext) will be able to manage multiple installations of Viridian/Windows Server virtualization. 

 Chris Stirrat (from the SCVMM team) also made the announcement back in September that SCVMM R2 (or ‘next set of releases‘) will manage VMware and XEN as well.

Anyway, in Jeff Wooley’s presentation today, the roadmap slide shows SCVMM vNext will beta within 45 days of the Windows Server Virtualization Beta.

So if the WSv beta will be released with the RTM of Windows 2008 in ~February, I’m going to guess we should see a beta mid April 2008?

Final SCVMM R2 will be released when Final WSV is released 180 days after Windows Server 2008 RTMs


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