It looks like powershell is catching up in popularity since it became officially available in november 2006. More and more major players are adopting powershell, not surprisingly if you look at the features. Besides companies like Quest even VMware is adopting powershell and is preparing a technology preview of the PowerShell interfaces for VI, an early version of the software is available upon request.

Microsoft did some research and combined some of the most used and most favourite features around in their new scripting language product. Last week I attented a tech-session covering the basics of Windows Powershell.

The speaker (Marc van Orsouw, Powershell MVP – www.thepowershellguy.com) at this session did a good job in exciting the people present. He even turned out the to be a collegue. It turns out the Powershell community is growing faster than Microsoft could imagine, as Marc said: "At last I can tell my unix/linux friends that I can do the same with Powershell and even better."

He created a very helpfull addon called Powertab, which presents a text-based popup "window" in the the powershell commandline when pressing <TAB>. The "window" lists all the possible commands for TAB-completion, instead of browsing through the options by continiously pressing <TAB> they show up all at the same time and you can browse through them using the cursor keys.

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