Powershell scripting with VMware’s technology preview cmdlets

I’ve been watching several websites and BLOG’s about powershell lately and see an increasing amount of items published involving the new Powershell cmdlets VMware is working on. I thought it would be nice to post some of the links together so you can find your way as I did.

A new BLOG I have been watching for some time now is Brian Denicola’s BLOG: www.bjd145.org/scripting_blog.html he posted a noticable amount of items about the new VMware cmdlets lately.

Eric Sloof is also reporting about the new cmdlets frequently at www.ntpro.nl/blog.

Of course there is VMware’s own corner on the web about powershell: VI PowerShell Blog – VMware

Others who wrote about Powershell and vmware:

There may be some more, look ’em up through The Virtual Search

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