VMware officially announced the features of ESX 3.5 and Virtual Center 2.5

On october 8, VMware officially announced the new features of the next release of VMware ESX server 3.5 and Virtual Center 2.5. They will be available later this year. To many among us this will not be hot news because the featurelist already circled on the internet for a while (e.g. Virtualization.info).

A couple of highlights from the featurelist:


  • support for paravirtualized linux guest (virtualization-aware OS’es)
  • support for local SATA storage, 10Gig eth etc.

New VI capabilities:

  • Storage VMotion (live migration between data stores without disruption)
  • VMware Update Manager (automatic patches and updates)

New VI management solutions:

  • Distributed Power Management (DPM, experimental, reduces power consumption through workload balancing)
  • Guided Consolidation (help for dummies ;-))

New editions (packaging):

  • VMware ESX Server 3i (embedded as firmware)
  • Infrastructure 3 Foundation -> formerly known as "Starter"
  • Vmotion, Storage VMotion and DRS with DPM will be available for Foundation and Standard

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