Moving the Virtual Center Database from SQL2000 to SQL2005 (part 1)

At the moment I am preparing a new datacenter for the platform. All the current hardware is end of life and besides consolidating applications, moving the stuff to a new datacenter gives us the opportunity to upgrade the OS and applications as well. One of the things that popped up is moving the database of current virtual center. However one detail is the difference between the versions of SQL.

Being not the only database to move, the virtual center database is planned to be moved based on previous experience with other databases.

Before starting moving right away lets get the steps right:

  • backup!!
  • collect info about database (jobs/users/maintenance plan)
  • detach database (SQL 2000)
  • copy database files
  • attach database (SQL 2005)
  • remove orphaned users (if they exist)
  • Check ODBC settings

The steps are explained in part two which will follow shortly.

Update: part two is available here

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