VMware ACE 2.0 Released

Yesterday VMware announced the release of VMware ACE 2.0:
VMware ACE 2.0 is now generally available, offering the ability to deploy and manage secure, portable client PC environments across the enterprise and beyond. With ACE, your organization can combine the power and versatility of virtual machines with the security and control of centrally managed PCs, making it easier to:

  • Manage virtual desktops from a single point of control
  • Increase security and flexibility for mobile and remote workers
  • Safely extend corporate resources to 3rd party unmanaged PCs
  • Deliver fully configured virtual desktops for demos and training
Click here to download (evaluate or purchase)
You can now create, package, deploy and manage portable vm’s. VMware Workstation 6 which was released a day earlier together with the ACE Option Pack can be used to create the VM’s you want to deploy. The nice thing about it is that you can apply your company (security) policies to them.
ACE 2 comes in three tastes: starter, standard and enterprise
1. Starter comes with 10 ACE licenses, offers pay-per-request support and includes VMware Workstation 6 together with the ACE Option pack, but ACE Management Server is NOT included and volume licensing is not possible.
2. Standard comes with 50 ACE licenses and offers platinum and gold support, ACE Management Server is included as is VMware Workstation 6 together with the ACE Option pack
3. Enterprise differs from Standard in a way that it comes with more ACE 2 licenses (200) and two licenses instead of one for VMware Workstation 6 together with the ACE Option pack

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