Ultimate Deployment Appliance 1.4 released

Today on his site RTFM Education Mike Laverick announces the Ultimate Deployment Appliance (UDA) 1.4 with support for ESX 3.x.x
The UDA is a DHCP/TFTP/PXE appliance which comes with a web-based management tool which simplifies installing an operating system to either physical or virtual machines. Expressed very simply once the UDA is correctly configured (which does not take much time at all) via the web-management tool, the operator powers on the physical or virtual machine and press [F12] to trigger a PXE boot. The operator then selects a build from a menu, and then an unattended/scripted installation is triggered by either using either Windows unattended files or Linux kickstart files depending on your OS. UDA also supports using CD-ROM boot utilities such as BartPE delivered via PXE. In short UDA allows you kiss goodbye your manual CD-ROM based installations – and say hello to remote builds via ILO/RAC/IP-KVM cards or from your virtual machine console window.

UDA 1.4 was released today – and support deployment of ESX via PXE boot and kickstart scripts

More info and download links here

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