Vista to Become More Virtualization-Friendly

From BetaNews:
Microsoft has tweaked the licensing for Windows Vista slightly to allow users of the Enterprise version of its software to use the operating system in non-traditional environments, such as diskless PCs.
The changes were announced at Microsoft’s Management Summit 2007, an annual event held for IT management professionals in Redmond. The company says its customers had been requesting the licensing changes so that IT administrators could experiment with new management architectures.
Changing the licensing to better support virtualization shows a slow capitulation on Microsoft’s part to answer calls for better support of the increasingly popular technology. The company briefly flirted with banning Vista virtualization altogether last year, although settled later on taking it out of home versions only.

Still, in order to use these new virtualization features, a company would need to purchase a license for Vista Enterprise, only available to those who participate in Microsoft’s Software Assurance program.

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