TSX 2007 Community Sneak Peak (keynote)

As part of the keynote Robert Dell’Immagine started with a question: How many people in the audience are familiar with the VMware Technology Network community? As expected a lot of people raised their hands, as a matter of fact almost everyone raised their hand. Robert continued annoucing a few nice and new things which will be added to the community (www.vmtn.net) in 2007. The portal will focus even more on collaboration, sharing information and get in touch with people with the same interests or specific experience on a specific subject.

  • Every VMTN member will get a personal BLOG
  • A WiKi will be introduced
  • The profiles will be expanded with more information like location & experience, also part of that will be an improved searchengine for looking up other members.
  • Q&A will continue to be an important part of VMTN as it is now.

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