Provision Networks at VMware TSX EMEA 2007

At the last day of VMware TSX-EMEA in Nice, France I attended a session of one of the sponsors called "Provision Networks".
Provision Networks is a global provider of enterprise virtual desktop deployment and application delivery solutions.
Version 5.8 of the Virtual Access Suite (VAS) was introduced.

This latest release is aimed at large-scale enterprise desktop deployments and is the only commercially available solution that:
consolidates the delivery of applications (Softgrid, Altiris SVS)
consolidates the deployment of desktops from:

  • terminal servers
  • blade or physical PCs
  • virtual infrastructures
“Release 5.8 of the Virtual Access Suite offers a unified management framework for delivering hosted applications and deploying desktops from a centrally managed infrastructure consisting of Windows Terminal Servers, as well as physical and virtual machines running standard Windows desktop operating systems such as XP and Vista,” said Peter Ghostine, co-founder and CTO of Provision Networks.
The nice thing about it – in my opinion – is that it offers a single and central management interface with which you can manage a complete (server based and dynamic) desktop environment.
It integrates with VMware Virtual Center, Microsoft Terminal Server and with application streaming servers like Microsoft Softgrid.
Besides these different technologies all kinds of (security) policies can be defined.
Users can choose the suitable applications simply by choosing it from the launchpad (portal window) or if it is configured that way, by clicking on the icon on their desktop.
According one of the booth staffmembers, the product even is reasonably priced in a way that it stays within reach of medium to small companies.
In the near future they will deliver a "Virtualized" VAS Web Client, ideal to access the Provision Networks Infrastructure from a kiosk or any 32-bit Windows client device without client installation or administrative privileges.
Summary of features:
  • Full featured desktops
  • Application publishing
  • Seamless windows
  • 4096×2048 resolution
  • Multi-monitor support (seamless windows only)
  • Credentials pass-through (including Kerberos support)
  • Single sign-on
  • Universal print driver
  • USB PDA redirection
  • Web interface
  • SSL connectivity
  • Remote password reset
Definitely something to watch!

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