Just some caveats and rumors at TSX

Only backing up your VC database is not enough in case of disaster, make sure you have a copy of the certificates too. Also make sure to give it the same IP as before when rebuilding your VC-server.Next versions of VC(2.1 or higher) will support multiple administrative groups. In this way several different administrators see only the vm’s they should manage, and not the others managed by the other groups. It still is silent on the new features front, but the features will come they assured me, and it will be a revolution just like the introduction of vmotion at the time. This vagueness has everything to do with VMware planning to split from EMC, not totally of course. 10% of the shares will go public and the rest will reside where they are now with EMC. All to happen this year (2007). Reasons for the split: getting rid of rules and regulations set by EMC, all of course to get more flexibility and get a better time to market.

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