TSX countdown has begun

Every year VMware organizes events, of which the TSX(Technical Solutions Exchange)-Europe is the only multi-day event which takes place in Europe. www.vmware-tsx.com
Only a couple of days left before my first visit to a TSX-event is a fact.
Flight, hotel and event payment is confirmed so what can possibly go wrong?
Fortunately the flight wont be too long, the trip to the airport probably takes more time than the flight itself.
Just made the reservation for the parking at the airport. So I’am ready to roll.
I hope I will find the time and facilities to do some posting between the sessions.
I have a couple of interest areas, first of all the two-part best practices sessions about ESX might be interesting, second the automated install of ESX sounds good, because in a couple of weeks we will have to get a couple of them online.
Also VCB, Lab manager and VDI will get some of my attention.

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