Microsoft denies delay with Viridian

This week I¬†received an email from an vmware employee with a link to an article about Microsoft Windows Longhorn’s Virtualization product called Viridian. The article stated that at MMS2007 Microsoft Spokesman Bob Muglia¬†annouced that Viridian is delayed with a period of six months (180 days). Reading the article it suggested it was news. (ITPRO article)
However as far as I could recall it, the period was already announced before Microsoft’s Tech-Ed:IT-Forum took place in november 2006.
In October 2006 I visited a Technet In-Track meeting covering Virtual Server, it was then when I first heard about the delay: Viridium will be made available 180 days after the introduction of Longhorn Server.
Luckily (for me not having to question my memory) this article started some discussion in which this was confirmed again.

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